Thursday, August 29, 2013

I had no idea that there are two types of Mini SAS

Because this MINISAS(SFF-8088) TO 4 SFP To Mini SAS 28″ is without doubt a critical component in the sound and safe operation of IT systems, our Technology Blogz team recommends that if possible one or two additional spare units are kept on hand. Of course the more HP brand equipment that is in use the more spares are recommended. To be on the safe side, one additional spare unit should be enough. This item has been discontinued by HP so stocking up on spares is a good move no matter how you cut it. ‘Better be safe than sorry‘ – the old (and true) adage applies here!For more information about the benefits of buying refurbished computer hardware, click here.

The Norco RPC-4220 case is a 4U rack-mountable server case and has 20 hot-swappable hard drive bays, which allows a good amount of room for storage expansion. When I first powered on the machine, I noticed that the fans which cool the hard drives are amazingly loud and so switched them for quieter ones (relax! they are quick provide enough air flow to cool six drives!). The case comes with five SAS/SATA backplanes, which have a Mini SAS connector. As I don’t have a SAS controller, I need cables had to buy Mini SAS reverse breakout cables which allowed me to connect the backplanes to my standard SATA cards. This was quite a pain, as I had no idea that there are two types of Mini SAS to SATA cables, one for Mini-SAS on Backplane side to SATA on the controller, like I needed, and SATA on the backplane, to Mini-SAS on the controller. It was a pain that I discovered this after I had already bought the wrong cables.

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